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Another two Weeks more for COVID-19 Lockdown, States and PM Modi Agree

Lockdown extends by 2 weeks

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who control a four-hour meet with a minimum of thirteen chief ministers on a video conference on Sat, has indicated that the lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic would be extended by fortnight when considering the requests of the chief ministers, who most popular an extended containment amount. The lockdown was regular to finish on a weekday. PM Modi conjointly marked a shift in grappling the pandemic, from saving lives to saving each life and therefore the economy. 3 weeks agone, whereas asserting the lockdown, PM Modi had aforementioned, “Jaan hai toh jahaan hai (the world exists if life exists).” Towards the top of the meeting these days, however, he stressed on “Jaan bhi jahaan bhi (both life and economy are important)” because the lockdown has placed severe stress on businesses. Sources say, when the Prime Minister’s “jaan bhi jahaan bhi” comment, the council of ministers has been asked to resume work from weekday.

Here’s your 10-point cheatsheet to the current story:

  • “PM has taken the right call to increase lockdown. Today, India’s position is healthier than several developed countries as a result of we tend to start lockdown early. If it’s stopped currently, all gains would be lost. To consolidate, it’s imp to increase it,” Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted minutes when the meeting.
  • Most Chief Ministers who attended the video conference noticed that they’ll not have the large resources required to contend with a spurt in COVID-19 cases if the lockdown is removed sooner. The chief ministers asked the middle for relief packages.
  • “Extend the lockdown. We’re not short on infrastructure to contend with coronavirus, however, the question is of implementing policies effectively. PM Modi has continuously welcomed the suggestions of states,” Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan same.
  • “It is very important to increase the nation-wide lockdown… we’d like a standard relief policy for rabi (winter) crop,” Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot same. province Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee same the lockdown extension ought to be drained a “humane and practical” manner, adding the economy of her state has suffered.
  • PM Modi is probably going to grant a televised address to the state once more to announce the lockdown extension. At the tip of the four-hour meet on a weekday, PM Modi same he will permit industries and construction work to open in a very ranked manner. different restrictions are probably to be relieved in a very ranked manner and another economic package for farmers is predicted.
  • PM Modi indicated that farmers would be allowed to sell to shoppers directly from their fields if wholesale vegetable markets or mandis, area unit clean up. for instance, the mandis in the city and Pune area unit closed. This direct mercantilism, to be created attainable by amending the Agricultural turn out Market Committee (APMC) Act, is required to feed a nation of one.3 billion and forestall inflationary trends, sources the same.
  • Odisha associate degreed geographical region has already declared an extension of the lockdown. Shortly when the meeting each geographic area associate degreed Telangana conjointly declared an extension. The Bihar government in a very letter to the center did not object to extending the lockdown; but, it needs associate degree exception for rural construction and flood relief work to continue. Bihar saw large floods last year and reconstruction comes area unit still happening.
  • Delhi has known 3 new coronavirus hotspots, it had been declared late weekday night. This takes the entire variety up to thirty-three – up from twenty-five on Thursday and thirty on Fri. One hotspot – Dilshad Garden – has seen no new coronavirus cases in over ten days, leading the govt to declare it infection-free. However, it remains sealed and underneath observation.
  • The extremely infectious COVID-19 has killed 242 individuals within the country. the entire variety of positive coronavirus cases as of weekday evening is seven,529.
  • The highest variety of cases has been according to the geographic area, with 1,574 individuals testing positive for the novel coronavirus that was 1st detected in China in Gregorian calendar month. A unique virus is one that has not been antecedently known in humans.

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