Bihar Paid Rs 1 Crore To Bring Back Stranded Students From Kota: Sushil Modi

Sushil Kumar Modi said, “Covering a distance of more than 1300 km in buses by students is not feasible”


Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi on Wednesday said that the state government had paid Rs 1 crore for arranging 17 trains for the return of students belonging to state who were stranded in Kota.

He said that the Rajasthan government should have borne the expenses.

“The Rajasthan government had said that the expense of the students going from Kota to Bihar will be borne by Bihar. The Bihar govt deposited Rs 1 crore for 17 trains and then only could the Kota students come. Depositing Rs 1 crore for students was not a big amount for either Bihar or Rajasthan,” Sushil Modi told news agency ANI.

He also said that the students were not brought in buses, which had started plying long before trains, as the distance between Kota and Patna is more than 1300 km.

“Covering a distance of more than 1300 km in buses by students is not feasible as due to the lockdown there were no food stalls opened on the highways,” he said.

While slamming the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and Congress, the Deputy Chief Minister said, “The RJD and Congress were talking of 3000 buses and 300 trains but where are they? I would like to request them to deposit Rs 1 crore in the CM Relief fund so that it can benefit the poor states like Bihar.”

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