Café Turtle At Khan Market Pull Down Its Shutters Amid Covid-19

After two decades of serving bibliophiles in Khan Market, Cafe Turtle closed its doors.


  • Cafe Turtle in New Delhi’s Khan Market closed its doors last week
  • The decision came after evaluating the aftermath of Covid-19 on business
  • The cafe will open shortly in a new place in Meherchand market

The popular bookstore cum cafe, Full Circle and Cafe Turtle has decided to pull down its shutters given the uncertainty of business due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. The bookstore cum cafe opened its doors 20 years ago in New Delhi’s bustling Khan Market. Priyanka Malhotra, the owner of Full Circle and Cafe Turtle, announced the news in a note on Instagram, and said that it was after several rounds of negotiations with the Khan Market Traders’ Association and the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), the restaurant has decided to shut operations.

Going forward, the three-storey cafe and bookstore would have been a difficult task to manage. After grappling in the dark since the pandemic broke, Priyanka stated that it was difficult to come to a clear solution that was fair to all. How does one maintain social distancing in a bookstore with a cafe? How do tenants and landlords arrive at fair agreements in times when there is hardly any revenue generation due to the lockdowns? These are among the many difficult questions that Priyanka stated and that many restaurateurs or small-cafe owners are also struggling with, as the government move forward with a phased ‘unlock’.

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However, she clarified that the store’s other two branches in Greater Kailash-1 and Nizamuddin East will continue the operations. In addition to this, the team will be starting a new store in a smaller but intimate space in Meherchand Market, a 2-minute drive from the upscale Khan Market in south Delhi.

Besides Cafe Turtle, there are other restaurants in Khan Market that too have faced the adversities of Covid-19. Side Wok, an Asian restaurant, along with Smokeys BBQ and Grill also closed their operations.

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