Five Features We’re Excited to See in the OnePlus 8


In this piece, we’ll be specializing in simply 5 of the highest new options we’re excited to visualize or a minimum of hope to visualize within the OnePlus eight and OnePlus eight professional. the corporate itself has been dropping a lot of breadcrumbs on Twitter and its forums, teasing a number of the new options returning to the series, therefore here area unit our high 5 favorite things we’re extremely excited to visualize.

  1. OnePlus eight series’ new style and hues
    From what we have seen to date, the planning of the OnePlus eight series is associate degree evolution of the OnePlus seven professional (Review). OnePlus has ditched the pop-up selfie camera for a hole-punch cutout, that per the renders does not look therefore dangerous.
  2. OnePlus eight series’ 120Hz show
    OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus eight series can feature a 120Hz show (expected to be restricted to the top-end OnePlus eight Pro), which may be a natural progression from the 90Hz we tend to saw on last year’s models. However, it’s smart to understand that you’re going to be able to use 120Hz and a QHD+ resolution at an equivalent time, a minimum of on the OnePlus eight professional, accordion to a YouTuber’s teaser video of the phone.
    Having each 120Hz and QHD+ resolution might have a possible negative side-effect on battery life, however, I favor the very fact that OnePlus is giving users the selection to try to that instead of merely prescribing you.
  3. OnePlus eight series’ quick wireless charging
    This is simply one of the most important announcements OnePlus created, confirming that for the primary time, the OnePlus eight series can support wireless charging. It’s the line of work it Warp Charge thirty Wireless, that is claimed to be able to charge the new phone from one p.c to fifty p.c, in precisely 0.5 associate degree hour. it is also aforesaid to support the universal ki wireless commonplace and with the proper adapter, it’ll additionally support up to 10W wireless charging.
  4. OnePlus eight series’ attainable science rating for waterproofing
    OnePlus hasn’t talked regarding this feature an excessive amount of however all rumors and teasers purpose to the very fact that the OnePlus eight series may finally get a politician science rating for dirt and water resistance. Our cash is on associate degree IP68 rating, like each alternative flagship out there, however, we’ll wait until it’s formally confirmed.
  5. OnePlus eight series’ new camera technical school
    With any new flagship, there is invariably new camera technical school to induce excited regarding. this can be the year, most flagships to date area unit heavily specializing in zoom capabilities.

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