How To Order An Aadhaar Reprint Online

Aadhaar Card Service: The UIDAI charges Rs 50 for each Aadhaar reprint

Did you know that you can order a print or reprint of your Aadhaar card online? The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which manages the Aadhaar biometric ID programme, provides a range of services online. One such service enables an Aadhaar-registered person to order a printed copy of the Aadhaar card online. In a Twitter post, the UIDAI said it provides each Aadhaar reprint at Rs 50, and delivers it at the bearer’s doorstep through speed post. One can apply for an Aadhaar print using the UIDAI portal or mobile app mAadhaar.     

Who Can Order An Aadhaar Reprint?

Those already enrolled under the Aadhaar programme can apply for a print using MAadhaar.


(A user can apply for a reprint using any of the three IDs: the Unique Identity Number, the virtual ID and the enrolment ID)

Besides users whose mobile number is registered with the Aadhaar system, MAadhaar also allows those without an Aadhaar-registered mobile number to order a reprint.


(Payment can be made through a credit or debit card, net banking or Unified Payments Interface)

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(The UIDAI engages with social media users from time to time to spread awareness about Aadhaar-related services) 

How To Apply For An Aadhaar Print

  • Go to the UIDAI portal, and select the “Order Aadhaar Reprint” under the Get Aadhaar section.
  • Enter any of Aadhaar number, virtual ID or enrolment ID to proceed. 
  • Make payment of Rs 50 digitally. Four options are available: credit card, debit card, net banking and Unified Payments Interface (UPI)
  • Save the acknowledgement receipt after the payment.
  • Upon completion of the process, the UIDAI facility dispatches the Aadhaar card to the given address. 

(Mobile app mAadhaar also has the “Order Aadhaar Reprint” option)

A similar process can be followed on the mAadhaar app to use the service. mAadhaar is available for Android and iPhone platforms.

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