Indian Researchers begin performing on Novel Coronavirus Genome Sequencing


The novel coronavirus is a new virus and researchers are attempting to work out all the various aspects of it. There are two institutes of Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Hyderabad and Institute of genetics and Integrative Biology (IGIB), Centre for Cellular and molecular biology (CCMB), national capital have started operating along on the complete order sequencing of novel coronavirus, the science ministry aforesaid during a statement.

“This canfacilitateusto grasp the evolution of the virus, however dynamic is it and the wayquick it imitates. This study canfacilitateusto grasphow briskly it evolves and what square measurethe long run aspects of it” aforesaid Dr Rakesh Mishra, Director, CCMB whereas speaking with Senior man of science Jyoti Sharma from Republic of India Science Wire, DST.

Whole-genome sequencing is that the technique accustomed verify the entire desoxyribonucleic acid sequence of a selected organism’s ordination.

The approach for sequencing the most recent coronavirus involves obtaining samples from patients that have square measure found to be positive and causing these samples to a sequencing center, the statement aforesaid.

Genome sequencing desires terribly sizable amount of samples for study.

“Without a lot ofinformation if you create any conclusion which will not be right. At the instantwe tend tosquare measure accumulating as several sequencings as we are able to and once, we’ve got few hundred sequencing with us then we are going to be able tocreateseveral inferences from several biological aspects of this virus” aforesaid Dr Mishra.

Three to four folks from every institute square measure incessantly performing on the total ordination sequencing.

In the next 3-4 weeks, researchers would be able to get a minimum of 200-300 isolates and this info would facilitate them to form some additional conclusion regarding the behaviour of this virus, the statement aforesaid.

For this purpose, National Institute of Medicine (NIV), Pune has additionally been requested to provide virus that has been isolated from totally different places.

This will facilitate the scientists to hide the total country to induce an even bigger and clearer image. this can facilitate the institutes to determine the kin group of the virus. Dr Mishra told that supported this they will study from wherever the virus has returned that strain has additional similarity, the various mutations, and that strain is weak and what strain is robust.

“This can provide some strategic clues to grasp it and to implement higher isolation strategies” he aforesaid.

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