Mercedes-Benz partners with Setra for sideguard assist systems – ET Auto

Mercedes-Benz claims more than every second Actros is delivered with side guard assist system.

New Delhi: Mercedes-Benz has joined hands with Setra to offer sideguard assist systems as retrofit solutions for trucks, buses and coaches.

The German automaker has said that this partnership will help the drivers in complex city traffic. This technology is claimed to be make the city roads safer.

The sideguard assist system is primarily focussed on the protection of cyclists and pedestrians as well as those riding electric scooters, claims the automaker.

The sideguard assist for trucks will only be a requirement in the EU from 2022 for new vehicle models and two years later for all existing model series. For newly registered long trucks, sideguard assist will already be a requirement in Germany from July this year.

In 2016, Mercedes-Benz Trucks presented the world’s first side guard assist that was fully integrated into the vehicle architecture and since then has successively introduced it in its various truck model series, claimed the company.
It also said that in Germany today, more than every second Actros is delivered with side guard assist system.

This technology comes with two close-range radar sensors on the frame along the nearside, in front of the truck’s rear axle. They cover a complete lane, 3.75 m in width, along the complete length of a tractor/trailer combination measuring 18.75 metres plus two metres to the front and up to one metre to the rear of the vehicle.

The system issues multi-stage visual warnings using an LED in triangular form in the A-pillar or a triangular warning symbol in the MirrorCam display on the co-driver’s side as well as acoustically on that same side to draw the driver’s attention to moving or stationary objects on the co-driver’s side.

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