More Relaxations May Be Announced In Goa: Chief Minister Pramod Sawant

Pramod Sawant said some more relaxations may be announced in the evening.


All relaxations given by the Centre in the fifth phase of lockdown will be implemented in Goa and further easing of norms would be decided upon gradually, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said on Monday.

Mr Sawant told reporters some more relaxations may be announced in the evening.

He said the state had controlled the virus outbreak effectively and all cases now were of people who had come from outside. The state has 27 active cases. “They tested positive after arriving here. There is no
community transmission of the virus in Goa,” he said.

In reply to a query, Mr Sawant said 87,000 migrant labourers leaving the state amid the lockdown would affect some sectors, like real estate, adding that Goans must “take some works that are feasible for them”.

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