Mumbai DJ Swaps Deck For Doctor’s Scrubs To Fight Coronavirus

Sanjay Meriya is known as The Spindoctor in Mumbai music circles (courtesy thespindoclive)


  • “I’m very patriotic,” said Sanjay Meriya
  • “I can battle this way (as a doctor),” he added
  • He began work last month as a medical volunteer


As India’s financial capital Mumbai battled a growing number of coronavirus cases, local DJ Sanjay Meriya set aside his turntable and dusted off a long-unused medical degree in order to help out. Meriya, 30, known as The Spindoctor in Mumbai music circles, began work last month as a medical volunteer after spotting a government newspaper ad asking for help. He has chiefly been visiting a slum in one of Mumbai’s worst-hit suburbs, clad in a protective suit and gloves, to instruct local residents about the precautions they should take to ward off the coronavirus.

“I’m very patriotic. I can battle this way (as a doctor),” Meriya, who signed up as a volunteer for at least three months, told Reuters. Mumbai accounts for more than 33,000 of India’s 158,000 cases of the coronavirus, making it the worst-hit city.

With government hospitals short of beds and health officials overworked, volunteers like Meriya are all the more important. Meriya began to dabble in DJ-ing as a hobby at around the age of 20 while studying for his medical degree, but said it then “took over me” – much to his family’s dismay.

“They hated it. They still hate it,” he said of his decision to devote himself to being a DJ.

Although worried about his potential exposure to the virus, Meriya’s family is thrilled to see him back in medicine. “They now have a lot to share with all our relatives, if you know what I mean when it comes to Indian families,” he said.

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