Train to Busan’s sequel promises more zombie thrills the Audience

Train to Busan’s sequel promises more zombie thrills the Audience

Train to Busan’s sequel terra firma doesn’t have a relesaing date of this movie.

A trailer for terra firma, marketed within the US as Train to Busan Presents: terra firma, has been free. The Yeon Sang-ho directorial is that the sequel to 2016 zombie drama Train to Busan, conjointly helmed by Sang-ho.

Despite set within the same world and country, terra firma seems to possess very little in common with Train to Busan. we have a tendency to do see 2 living characters — Kim Su-an’s Su-an and psychologist Yu-mi’s Seong-kyeong — however solely in a very flash.

The story is about four years when the primary film. Nearly all of the South Korean population has become human meat-eating monsters — glorious in popular culture as zombies.

The sequel is completely different from the primary film in terms of tone and feel furthermore. For one, the second film doesn’t feel as confined and claustrophobic because the original, that was set virtually entirely within a train. for an additional, the second film looks to pit humans vs alternative humans too. The zombies area unit simply the common enemy that each faction has got to affect.

In that respect, terra firma seems like a retread of the TV series The Walking Dead and Danny Boyle’s film twenty eight Days Later therein humans area unit worse enemies than zombies, much worse, since humans area unit deliberately malignant, whereas zombies area unit mindless animals, wanting to eat human flesh out of some twisted compulsion.

That being aforementioned, the film will bring back zombies UN agency area unit falling over one another to induce to the living and eat them. If nothing else, terra firma will simply be an exhilarating and fun picture show to observe.

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