Scientists discover supernova at least twice outshines, bright & energetic


A star a minimum of doubly as bright and energetic, and certain way more huge than any however recorded has been known by a world team of astronomers, light-emitting diode by the University of Birmingham.

The team, including consultants from Harvard, Northwestern University and Ohio University, believe the star, dubbed SN2016aps, may well be an associate example of a particularly rare ‘pulsational pair-instability’ star, probably shaped from 2 huge stars that unified before the explosion. Their findings area unit printed nowadays in Nature uranology.

Such a happening to this point solely exists in theory and has never been confirmed through astronomical observations.

Dr. Matt Nicholl, of the college of Physics and uranology and also the Institute of gravitative Wave uranology at the University of Birmingham, is that the lead author of the study.

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