Street Food Of India: How To Make Kolkata Kathi Roll At Home

There are only a few street foods that are as filling and wholesome as the Kolkata Kathiroll.


  • Kolkata is brimming with a range of street foods
  • One of Kolkata’s most popular street food is kathi roll
  • This loaded roll can fill you up in a matter of minutes

India’s rich street-food fare has been earned fans both home and abroad. From spicy to sweet, you will find all kinds of foods on our streets and be besotted each time. One of Kolkata’s crown jewels is the Kolakata Kathi roll. Chunks of meat or kebab, diced onions and zingy chutney/chilly sauce nicely tucked inside a roti wrap. There are only a few street foods that are as filling and wholesome as the Kolkata Kathi roll. ‘Kathi’ in Bengali refers to a stick. The Nizam restaurant, who supposedly popularised the rolls in Kolkata used sticks to skewer the kebabs that went inside the roll, and this is how the name ‘kathi kebab’ and ‘kathi roll’ stuck. Another popular legend is that a lot of people, including Kolkata-based British babus were seeking for a quick, grab and go snack- and that is how Kolkata Kathi roll became one of the most popular snack of the ‘City of Joy’.

Since a lot of us are at home and missing street-food, guess we can all try our hands at recreating some of our favourite dishes at home, right?

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How To Make Kolkata Kathi Roll

What truly gives an edge to Kolkata Kathi roll is the addition of chilly sauce, made with green chillies- if you cannot find that in a store near you can use chutney or ketchup too (it is your Kathi roll, experiment as much as you can). It also upto you to add eggs in your kathi roll, a lot of street food vendors, wrap the contents in hot egg paratha (viewing which is a theatrical experience in itself). But this also makes the roll very dense and much richer, if you are looking for a light-bite, perhaps you would want to rule out the eggs.

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In this recipe of mutton kathi roll, you can tweak as much as you want. This recipe uses boneless pieces of fiery mutton, you could use seekh kabab. If you are not so much of a mutton fan, you can make a chicken kathi roll or paneer in your kathi roll as well. And do not forget the dash of chaat masala,that is to be sprinkled right at the end. It makes the whole experience truly commendable

Make it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below!

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