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The Guidelines For Senior Citizens To Fight with COVID-19


The Health Ministry in conjunction with Department of Geriatric medication, AIIMS, city has ready an inventory of Do’s and Dont’s for the senior voters (citizens).

Senior voters (citizens) area unit clearly suggested to refrain from the following:

  1. Come in shut contact with those displaying symptoms of coronavirus sickness
  2. Cough or sneeze into clean hands
  3. Touch eyes, face and nose
  4. Shake hand or hug friends
  5. Visit huddled places like parks, markets
  6. Self-medicate
  7. Visit hospital for routine check-up

The guidelines to be practiced and discovered by senior voters (citizens) to fight the sickness embrace staying reception, avoid guests and gatherings, maintain hygiene, wash hands before and once meals, sneeze and cough into paper and hanky, and keep watching one’s health.

The virus that originated in central China’s urban center last year has to this point infected over one.5 million across the world.

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