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The Computer Vision technology extracts information from optical data and analyzes, evaluates it using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

NEW DELHI: Volkswagen has announced that it will be introducing the ‘Computer Vision’ AI technology to boost its production by at least 30 percent by the year 2025.

Currently, the ‘Industrial Computer Vision’ image recognition and processing technology is being tested at the Porsche’s Leipzig plant, informed Volkswagen AG.

As the German automobile giant said, the Computer Vision technology extracts information from optical data. Then it analyzes and evaluates the retracted data using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The automaker says that it has set up a team of about 60 Computer Vision experts for further development of the technology and the evaluation of new utilization possibilities.

As VW claims, the procedure to retract, analyze and evaluation of data is similar to the human capability of recognizing, processing and analyzing images. The automaker is claimed to be working with this technology for several years and is now intensifying its efforts in order to boost the production in coming years and also to make the product manufacturing more efficient.

Volkswagen AG says that first two Computer Vision solutions from the group companies Porsche and Audi are currently being prepared for the group-wide rollout.

At the Audi Ingolstadt plant, the luxury carmaker uses the technology for quality testing at the press shop, where cameras are combined with software based on machine learning to detect the finest cracks and defects in the components.

Commenting on this, Gerd Walker, Head of Volkswagen Group Production, said, “The use of this technology offers considerable potential for making our production plants even more efficient. By 2024, we already expect cost reductions running into the double-digit million-euro range throughout the group. The focus is on applications which we can develop at one location and then roll out throughout the Group.”

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