Woman Fined After Taking Turtle For A Walk In Rome Police in Amid Lockdown


An Italian lady United Nations agency took her pizza-sized turtle out for a walk has been penalized four hundred euros ($400) by the Roman police for breaking strict coronavirus confinement rules.
Italians want an excusable reason to be out on the road within the middle of an epidemic that has formally claimed over twenty thousand lives within the Mediterranean country since Feb.

Taking your dog out for a walk is viewed as an honest enough reason to go away from your home. however, it looks taking your turtle out for one isn’t. The Roman police aforesaid, “the 60-year-old lady was caught outside her home while not an excusable reason” and penalized. “The lady was walking with a turtle,” the police statement aforesaid.

Roman police interpreter Nunzio Carbone told foetoprotein that the girl was penalized four hundred euros as a result of it had been “not an excusable excuse”.

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